by Bob Westfall Moonlight Poet

City Sidewalks City sidewalks, city sidewalks Got nothing for me City sidewalks, city sidewalks Go nowhere beneath my feet In the city there is no difference Between man and machine Everybody lives for money We are slaves to a monetary system of greed There is no heart, there is no soul You could die in a crown and be left alone It's an ominous feeling Like a snow in the bones kind of day It's a threatening looking sky above a child of God Who can't find anything good to say It's a watch-dog's growl when a grey fox howls At a heart of gold who grew too old to stay Concrete and steel has changed the way I feel Concrete and steel has changed the way I feel. All the silver bells have been melted and sold It must be Christmas time, I feel I'm growing old I wonder if every person I pass has a lover at home Or are they all just temporarily alone? Don't worry mom, the end must always come There are skeletons behind bars Who still prefer coke with their rum But that don't matter to me, I'm much too busy for that No matter where you go you'll never know exactly where it's at Get high and step inside See the world behind your mind Get high and step inside See the world behind your mind. City sidewalks, city sidewalks Got nothing for me City sidewalks, city sidewalks Go nowhere beneath my feet. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Midnight, Oh Midnight I've got a woman and a woman has me But sometimes I don't feel free Love is just a four letter word And there are so many fish in the sea Midnight, oh midnight, sing me to sleep Midnight, oh midnight, away into a dream Sometimes it gets lonesome And sometimes it gets worse Feelings always hit you Right where it hurts Midnight, oh midnight, sing me to sleep Midnight, oh midnight, away into a dream If nothing really matters If it's life and life only I'll drift into the midnight And wake at the end of the story Midnight, oh midnight, sing me to sleep Midnight, oh midnight, away into a dream (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Seventeen 03:30
Seventeen Sad as a summer wind blowing down the avenue I'm living the feeling of wanting you but not having you Come on baby, walk my way I've been dying to know your name To talk to you, to hold you, To show you that my love is true Come on girl, it's now or never Though this feeling could last forever I can't live another minute What is life without you in it? Oh, I'm crying. I don't even know you But wedding bells are ringing You've never looked into my eyes But choirs are singing It's only the world that says I'm strange But it's only the world that needs to change You must be just seventeen But to me you're heavenly I wish we could run away Someday, girl. Someday. Oh, I'm just dreaming. Forever dreaming. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Half A Man 03:52
Half A Man You are just half a man and half a child I thought you'd be further along by twenty five You don't lie but you don't tell the truth Everywhere you go, you leave a trail of blue You leave us waiting in pools of tears I think you're afraid to face your own fears Why does it always have to be your way? Think of all the hearts you've hurt With words you didn't say. So just pick up the phone, and let me know For a woman in love it will be hard to let you go Will you ever change? Should I have hope That in time our love may once again glow? Don't you remember the nights we held each other tight? We dreamed the world away and everything was right How could you change your mind? What could make you feel this way? If it's another girl, how long will you make her stay? Wish I could tell her not to waste her time Wish I could save her from your selfish mind I'd tell her to find a man to treat her right And not a boy with a foolish pride 'Cause you are just half a man and half a child I thought you'd be further along by twenty five. Goodbye, goodbye. Carry on, carry on. Goodbye, goodbye. All things must pass. And here's one gone. Goodbye. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Sweet Little Thing Well, ain't you such a sweet little thing Pick up your telephone and give me a ring We could talk the night away and dream like lovers do We could peek into the future and see me loving you. Play me your favorite song And I'll play you mine We'll write poetry and lose track of time Trying to make every word rhyme. My throat is full of hello And not one goodbye Happiness like sunshine clings To the lids of my eyes. Well, ain't you such a sweet little thing Pick up your telephone and give me a ring. Wake up and have some wine Wake up and have some wine The day was yours, but the night is mine. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Down By The River Down by the river, the waters flow With my lady of beauty I sing to the stones on the shore And the sun is warm, it kisses our skin Not fully aware of the state I'm in The spirit of nature deep within. Slowly sunlight fades from the sky Existence subsides to witness the birth of the night We witness change where time can be found Between memory and mystery lies the now Who has not longed to feel beauty broken down? I turn to the one whom I love And ask her to speak Just to hear the voice That makes my body weak As she reaches for me with a hand That time can not touch I have to close my eyes to embrace Eternity's touch. Take me to a place Where I can lay my head The first rays of a sunrise Have stolen my bed And the crimson flames tied to the sky Are painting poetry before my eyes Drawn aside is the veil of questions in the mind Revealed are the reasons of life. Down by the river, my love will always be there. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Factory James Factory James lives in his palace of steel His slaves count the days until his last meal He waits on tradition to turn his water to wine He praises religion for wasting his time Factory James knows how to be the boss His slaves work around the clock building the cross He says that he's willing and proud to pay the price As he searches for something to sacrifice Factory James hears the hum of electric light as lullabies And the coming of night rips the vision from his eyes He sleeps on his throne in a crown of thorns With blood on the blade on angel's sword When asked why he's alive, he'll say "Well, I guess I have only known how to grow. I never learned how to die." Factory James gives the sermon on the mount on Sunday morn Like someone who died long before he was born Who knows if his name is Jesus or James It's all the same to the Jesus in James It's all the same to the Jesus in James. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Blind Eyes 07:20
Blind Eyes The dying hours of freedom The deal of time outplayed Feet that don't feel ready for The rush of the circus parade What happened before happened again Repetition has written the book Sadder than a dime store painting That wishes for someone to look Day to day, play the game Make it pay, sail away. Concrete sea where souls fade Step on the clock and begin Hail the almighty dollar Neglect the system within Manufactured heartbeat Manipulation brain Adam and Eve wrapped to a T In the finest of chains Day to day, play the game Make it pay, sail away Day to day, play the game Go insane, sail away. It was one time, but I can't remember It left me blind, cold and tender It upset my mind, enraged my temper How close am I to the center? Bright sunshine, listen and think If it's mine, it won't sink It's a drunk time, swimming in sauce Like a tumbling rock when it's worn soft Like a legend that lived that you called boss The clean smell that's never been washed Seize the moment, don't get old Face the fire that you hold It's a fun time when you're upset Like something said that you don't forget Like your face is lead and so is your lip When you're hungry it makes you sick Work together, paddle and row Ignore the weather down below If life were a rock kicked here or there Always kicked to somewhere It started from where it left off Started again but never got lost Day to day, play the game make it pay, sail away. (c) Bob Westfall. 2010.
Two Moons Behind With a fist full of dollars I ride on alone Through a desert of dust deserted like death With eyes cold as stone To a town on the outskirts of nowhere Full of lust, lead, and guns Where countless bottles of whisky await A bandit on the run, freedom I have known But will never know again For they'll hang me if they catch me Hang me high in the street Cut me down, dig up the ground Bury me six feet deep 'Cause I'm three days ahead Of a man lying dead And a star packing posse Just two moons behind Just two moons behind (c) Bob Westfall 2010


Outlaws In Chains is an album I recorded during winter and summer breaks from university in 2010 around Vancouver, BC. It was recorded in my parents' basement with minimal equipment. Its sound is raw and acoustic. The lead vocal and rhythm guitar was recorded live off the floor on the first or second take. After that I recorded overdubs, and friends contributed their musical abilities to add details to the songs. There is no auto tuning and no click tracks on this album. It is natural and organic. It's not perfect. Very human. If you like it, that's good. If you don't like it, that's also good.


released October 1, 2010

Names of friends who contributed their musical skills to this album can be seen in the notes for each individual song.


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Bob Westfall Moonlight Poet Vancouver, British Columbia

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