Meanwhile In The USSA

by Bob Westfall Moonlight Poet



The fall of the American empire is upon us. What a time to be alive!
I wrote and recorded this song in a tiny house on Koh Samui, in July 2020, using minimal equipment. Forgive my slightly off-key singing; I don't use Auto-Tune. Thanks to Joe Stoddart for playing banjo and slide guitar.



Meanwhile in the USSA, statism is on full display
To serve and protect or to punish and enslave?
We all have a front row seat at the freak show
Theatre of the Absurd / Bankrupt for a peep show.

Meanwhile in the USSA, psyops are reality
Mind control brought to you by the powers that be
Too many people falling for it / Better check the water supply
Something's making good little slaves / Must be the fluoride.

Meanwhile in the USSA, education's tarnished
Sit in that chair for 12 years / Fill your head with garbage
Have you noticed the disappearance of free will?
If your life's a nightmare, swallow a pill.

Meanwhile in the USSA, Wall Street's loving it
Another bailout by parasites masquerading as government
Up in Washington, District of Criminals
Propaganda's heavy / Hardly subliminal.

Meanwhile in the USSA, the middle class is wiped out
Destroy their livelihoods / Put them on government handouts
The rich get richer / The poor commit suicide
Roll out that slave system, true and tried.

Meanwhile in the USSA, the stage has been set for the play
The war has begun / We're on the front lines today
Every war began as a false flag attack
9/11, The Gulf of Tonkin / Research that.

Meanwhile in the USSA, there is no escaping from
Invisible walls of that Smart Prison / Digital indoctrination
Authoritarians versus free humanity
The battle for our minds / "Sir. Papers, please."

Meanwhile in the USSA, statues crash on pavement
Tricked into cheering for their own enslavement
Psychopath's paradise / Dystopian bliss
Media keeps you afraid of things that don't exist.
Media keeps you afraid of things that don't exist.

Copyright (c) Bob Westfall 2020
Moonlight Poet Music Company


released July 26, 2020
Written & performed by Bob Westfall.
Slide guitar and banjo by Joe Stoddart.
Recorded / mixed / mastered / produced by Bob Westfall
for Moonlight Poet Music Company.
(c) 2020


all rights reserved



Bob Westfall Moonlight Poet Vancouver, British Columbia

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